Balega UltraGlide

The UltraGlide offers Friction Free running for peace of mind when running. Because friction can make or break a race or training run, Balega has stepped it up in a quest to eliminate ‘hot spots’; a pre-blister state that can lead to the formation of a painful blister.
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Strategically placed, varied density cushioning pads, designed to protect the most vulnerable weight bearing areas of the foot from blisters.
Balega’s proprietary Drynamix® fibers which wick moisture away from the skin, thereby reducing the friction potential and mechanical stress in the heel and ball of the foot, keeping feet cool and dry.
Friction-free yarn that wraps around the first metatarsal head to the first toe joint to account for bunions or arthritic deformities.
Anatomically-shaped left/right construction with seamless toes to minimize exposure to blisters;
Heel tab to protect skin from blisters commonly caused by the friction of footwear near the Achilles tendon.
Cushioned “V” to provide comfort from lace pressure