Red-E Power Traveller Powerbank 20 000Mah


Includes micro usb, 8pin and Type-C.

Fast Charge PD 18w.

Power Delivery Charges Macbooks & Laptops with Type-C Inputs.

Miro USB input: 5v-2A and 9v-2A.

Type-C Cable Inout: 5V-2.5A / 9V-2A.

Micro USB output: 5v-2A.

Type-C output: 5V-3A / 9v-2A / 12v-1.5A.

Apple 8-pin output: 5v-2A

USB a Output: 5v-2.4A / 9V-2A / 12v-1.5A.

Capacity: 20 000mAh.


A+ Grade Battery.

Short circuit Protection.

Over-heating Protection.

Over-Charging Protection.

Flight Friendly.